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Eliza Ibarra, Whitney Wright

Whitney Wright stepbrother Rion King argue over cupcakes as Rion's mom Alana Cruise and Whitney's friend Eliza Ibarra look on. Eliza catches Rion checking his stepsister out, and then stares in shock as Whitney teases Rion with frosting on her lips and then her hard nipple. Alana remains oblivious as Whitney lifts her miniskirt and rubs frosting all over her hairy pussy. Rion finally responds in kind, whipping out his dick to cover the head and shaft in a sweet surprise.

Later, everyone is watching tv together when Whitney notices that Rion is still hard as a rock. Eliza once again catches the stepsiblings in the act and can't believe when Alana is clueless. When Whitney pulls out Rion's dick and starts sucking the frosting off it, Eliza is speechless. Unbeknownst to either Eliza or Rion, Whitney merely wants revenge for Rion's behavior earlier. She gets exactly that when she rats out Rion for having his cock out in front of her and her friend.

Rion isn't about to let his stepsister get away with that trick. He waits until Whitney and Eliza are laying on the bed in their underwear together and brings them cupcakes as a supposed peace offering. The girls soon figure out that what Rion really wants is to have his dick sucked again, and while Whitney isn't game Eliza definitely is.

Eventually Eliza slips out of her panties to invite RIon to lick frosting off of her most intimate parts, which attracts Rion's mom to see what the commotion is. Whitney covers for her friend and stepbrother, but finds that now she wants to be part of the action. She lets herself be coaxed into getting naked and enjoying a lusty threesome with Eliza feasting on Whitney's pussy while being fucked by Rion. They all try to hold the moan as the girls switch places and Rion finally gets the chance to bang his hot stepsister. He takes advantage, cumming inside her in an attempt to get Whitney pregnant as the ultimate payback for getting him in trouble earlier.

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